Mahija [muh/hē/jah] comes from Sanskrit word,
meaning ‘children of the earth.

Founded in 2015, Mahija is a graphic design studio and agency in Jakarta, Indonesia that harnesses the power of storytelling. We believe that humans have an innate need for community, intimacy and to attach narratives in their lives. By applying experiential and emotional storytelling into your brands through visuals and copies, we collect fragmented thoughts and transform them into a beautiful exchange of conversation. We also deliver beautiful stories through exquisite cinematography as Jakarta's premier production house

We create designs with meaning and not in isolation. Working collaboratively with our clients, we let them deal with our bodies and souls directly. We trace tales and craft them into wonders that encompass graphics, visual identities, brand strategies, creative campaigns, print and digital communications, commercials, documentaries and videography works. All done with an approach highlighting timelessness over trends and value over noise.

We challenge ourselves as much we challenge you so we can learn and grow together. Coffees are served, pens prepared, notebooks, ears, minds wide open.

We can’t wait to hear your story.